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Design and developement of e-shops & e-commerce apps.

The procedure is as follows:

  • Interview 1: Needs recording
  • Tender
  • Securing domain for 1 or 2 years (web site address, eg
  • Hosting the website to a Web Server (Web Hosting)
  • Interview 2: Detailed recording of needs (specificities, targeting the public, other preferences)
  • Developing the basic skeleton of the thematic areas of the site
  • Collection of material / data required for the e-shop.
  • Design of the first demo of the e-shop by the creative team, under the guidelines set down in meetings with the client.
  • Show 1: Demonstration of the first design of the e-shop to the customer.
  • Web design & developement, based on the project which has been agreed.
  • Show 2: E-shop demonstration at an advanced stage of construction
  • Recording observations and apply final corrections.
  • Web site promotion (SEO: optimizing web pages display in search engines)
  • Training users in the content management system of the e-shop.