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Professional design, construction and send of the periodic electronic version of the company (newsletter). Promote your business effectively.

Keep your customers informed about new services, products, offers and opportunities while targeting a new audience and market.

Earn up by sending 36 newsletter year, to hundreds of recipients with minimal cost.

What exactly is the qbcube's newsletter service;

This is a short online version that is designed, constructed and sent via email for your purposes, at certain times, at a certain type and quantity of
recipients. It contains information about the company and its products, articles on subjects that interest the users of the goods or services business (eg a food company may publish in the newsletter of some deals at some time, some new products and recipes).

Why should I choose the newsletter
service for my business?

  • To ensure its presence on the Internet while enhancing its corporate image: Anyway, the newsletter service boosts the existence of the company. Reaffirms and reiterates its existence. Newsletters show that your company is a living organism that grows, develops, operates and interacts with customers, and generally with the global market. It is placed in relation to the market, it takes place, it requires time customer and it confirms and reiterates its existence. In that way, our company coexists with those around it.
  • To inform my customers about new services, products, deals and offers, directly and discreetly without pressure.
  • To be able to update and promote our products and services impersonal, directly and economically in a predetermined audience.
  • To broaden my audience and the market being targeted.
  • To be able to improve our services and products, comparing the readability of the newsletter with the real impact and performance.
  • To maintain public relations and create a pleasant presence of the company.